Polonaise au yuzu, a pastry from Ladurée

Polonaise au Yuzu, March’s pastry chez Ladurée

The third new pastry unveiled this year by Ladurée in honour of the celebrated Parisian pâtisserie’s 150th anniversary is the Polonaise au Yuzu.

This distinctly citrus-flavoured dessert consists of a sweet brioche base and creamy yuzu filling, covered with a lightly baked Italian meringue sprinkled with black sesame seeds.

Yuzu, a citrus fruit grown in southeast Asia, is a cross between a wild mandarin and an ichang papeda, another Asian citrus fruit. Its flavour is tart, similar to that of a grapefruit.

Created by Ladurée’s head pastry chef Vincent Lemains, Polonaise au Yuzu is a new twist on Brioche Polonaise, traditionally composed of rum-soaked slices of brioche smothered with crème pâtissière and glace fruits, the whole covered in meringue and sprinkled with sliced almonds.

Polonaise au Yuzu is one of twelve innovative pastries being unveiled by Ladurée in 2012, a new one every month.

Polonaise au yuzu, a pastry from Ladurée

Available at Ladurée, 16, rue Royale, 75008 Paris, and other locations.

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