Bûche Choco, Sadaharu Aoki

Sadaharu Aoki: Bûches de Noël 2013

Sadaharu Aoki‘s 2013 collection of holiday desserts combines Japanese simplicity with French tradition.

This year’s line-up includes five striking bûches de Noël: Chocolat Praliné, Mâcha Azuki, Citron Vanille, Zen and Japon.

As their names suggest, these luscious bûches de Noël feature both classic ingredients and exotic flavours: chocolate, caramel and praliné are paired with green tea, sesame and red bean paste.

The Christmas collection also includes panettone and pain de Noël, as well as Chef Aoki’s chocolate covered macarons, which he calls “chocorons“.

Bûche Choco, Sadaharu Aoki
Bûche Chocolat-Praliné: chocolate sponge cake, dacquoise, feuillantine praliné, praliné cream, milk chocolate cream, orange cognac, decorated with dark chocolate and caramelised hazelnuts
Bûche Mâcha Azuki, Sadaharu Aoki
Bûche Mâcha Azuki: Chocolate sponge cake, dacquoise, feuillantine praliné, green tea cream, red bean paste, decorated with green tea-infused white chocolate, dark chocolate and sesame seeds
Bûche Citron, Sadaharu Aoki
Bûche Citron-Vanille (Lemon Vanilla): Hazelnut dacquoise, lemon cream, vanilla cream, feuillantine praliné, sweet pastry, decorated with white chocolate, lemon macarons and caramelised hazelnuts
Bûche Zen, Sadaharu Aoki
Bûche Zen: green tea dacquoise, sweet sesame pastry, sesame cream, white chocolate cream, cognac, decorated with white chocolate and sesame seeds
Bûche Japon, Sadaharu Aoki
Bûche Japon: génoise, crème chantilly, strawberries, white chocolate

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