Jean-Charles Rochoux, Christmas chocolate

Jean-Charles Rochoux: Christmas animals and a modern Santa

The animal kingdom reigns at chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux’s Paris chocolate shop, where chocolate elephants, rhinos and crocodiles line the shelves alongside rabbits, ducks and snails.

No surprise, then, that Rochoux’s Christmas chocolate collection features some splendid sculptures of his favourite subjects.

A chocolate reindeer, fawn and hare are just some of the festive goodies offered this year, along with a chocolate Santa on a motorcycle.


Jean-Charles Rochoux, Christmas chocolate
Chocolate reindeer with gold dust antlers and motifs (80 cm, 2.9 kg)
Chocolate fawn, Jean-Charles Rochoux
Chocolate fawn (50 cm, 1.4 kg)
Jean-Charles Rochoux, Christmas chocolate
Chocolate hare and fawn (fawn 50 cm, 1.4 kg; hare, 28 cm, 1.1. kg)
Jean-Charles Rochoux, Santa on a bike
Chocolate Santa Claus on a motorbike (11 x 10 cm, 150 grams, available in milk or dark chocolate)

Jean-Charles Rochoux, 16, rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris.

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