Chocolates by Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini buys back Nestlé share

Nestlé is no longer a shareholder in Brussels-based chocolatier Pierre Marcolini’s holding company, the company has announced.

Pierre Marcolini, along with three Belgian minority shareholders, has bought back the 29 per cent stake acquired by Nestlé over the past four years, making his company, Les Chocolats de l’Iris (soon to be renamed Les Chocolats Marcolini), once again wholly Belgian-owned.

Nestlé first acquired 4.5 per cent of Marcolini back in 2007, progressively increasing its stake to 29 per cent in 2010.

The arrangement allowed Nestlé to benefit from Pierre Marcolini’s know-how and artistic talent in developing premium chocolate products, notably its luxury Nespresso line of chocolates.

It gave the Belgian chocolatier a much-needed injection of capital and provided access to Nestlé’s global experience in new market development, marketing, sales and chocolate production.

The decision to buy back Nestlé’s share was largely based on concern for the artisanal company’s Belgian brand identity, explained Pierre Marcolini in an interview with the newspaper Le Vif. The arrangement with the giant Switzerland-based multinational Nestlé tended to create confusion.

With the Nespresso line now successfully launched, he decided to regain complete control over his brand.

Pierre Marcolini and Nestlé will continue working together on special projects at Nestlé’s Chocolate Centre of Excellence.

In addition to eight stores in Belgium, Pierre Marcolini has two shops in Paris, as well as stores in Japan, Kuwait, and Taiwan.

Chocolates by Pierre Marcolini

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