Ecarquilloeuf, by Jean-Paul Hévin

Jean-Paul Hévin’s Easter chocolate curiosities

For Easter 2012, Parisian chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin is presenting some unusual specimens from his cabinet of chocolate curiosities.

For starters, there’s Oeuf curieux, a chocolate egg hatching out of its shell; La Chouette, a “wooden” chocolate owl of sorts; and Oeuf de tortue, a chocolate “turtle egg.”

There’s also Poule drôle de zèbre, a chocolate hen with zebra stripes; Poisson X-ray, a skeletal chocolate fish; Poisson vorace, a voracious fish filled with tiny chocolate life forms; and Tout Pâques, a one-of-a-kind Easter chocolate creation that combines hen, egg and fish!

The goodies, made mostly of dark chocolate, come in different sizes and are garnished with friture and filled chocolate eggs.

Oeuf curieux, by Jean-Paul Hévin

Chocolate owl, by Jean-Paul Hévin

"Turtle egg", by Jean-Paul Hévin

Zebra hen, by Jean-Paul Hévin

X-ray fish, by Jean-Paul Hévin

Fish de poisson, by Jean-Paul Hévin

PouloeuFish, by Jean-Paul Hévin

Available from Jean-Paul Hévin, 231, rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris and other locations in Paris.

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Photos: © Jean-Paul Hévin

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