Dalloyau "Cadeau ô Merveilles"

Dalloyau Noël 2012 Christmas Collection

Founded in 1802, Maison Dalloyau is one of the oldest pastry shops in Paris.

Charles Dalloyau, personal chef to King Louis XIV, was the first in a long line of Dalloyau family members to master the art of pâtisserie, long before the company that bears the family name was born.

In fact, the Dalloyau family’s descendants now have more than three centuries of experience behind them when it comes to creating luxury desserts and gourmet dishes!

The company’s talented pastry chefs have created some scrumptious holiday desserts this year, featuring plenty of chocolate, red berries, hazelnuts and caramel.

The festive collection includes a selection of gorgeous bûches de Noël, a spectacular white chocolate mousse dessert garnished with fresh berries, and some dainty macarons filled with a  pink champagne cream.

Bûche "ô Surprises" from Dalloyau
Bûche ô Surprises” is draped with smooth, rich chocolate fondant sprinkled with bits of hazelnuts. Inside, a chocolate sponge (featuring manuka honey) on a crispy hazelnut and Gianduja base, a smooth milk chocolate cream filling and a delicious salted butter caramel centre. (Available December 5 to December 26).

Dalloyau "Cadeau ô Merveilles"

Cadeau ô Merveilles features white chocolate mousse, lemon & fruit cream, raspberry génoise and compote, fresh raspberries, blueberries, and red currants, along with a few miniature pink champagne macarons. (available December 5, 2012 to January 1, 2013)

Collection "Bûchissimes" Dalloyau

The “Bûchissimes” collection is available in five different flavours: coffee, chocolate, chestnut, red berries, and mandarin/yuzu. Like the Bûche ô Surprises, these bûches de Noël are decorated with edible chocolate figurines.

Dalloyau, 101, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris and other locations.

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