champagne truffles from Abanico Chocolat

New from Abanico Chocolat: Champagne Truffles

Abanico Chocolat‘s recently launched champagne truffles are the latest addition to the company’s range of delicious artisanal chocolates.

The sparkly chocolate truffles are infused with subtle fruit flavours (black currant and raspberry) and are made with two kinds of champagne: “rosé” (copper sheen) or “brut” (gold sheen).

Available in a 16-piece metal gift box, Abanico’s truffles are ideal for any special occasion, not just the holidays.

Abanico Chocolat (“abanico” means “fan” in Spanish) was founded in 2009 by Victoire Finaz, who grew up in a family of chocolatiers in Lyon. The company’s signature chocolates are packaged in distinctive layered boxes that fan out to reveal their yummy contents.

champagne truffles from Abanico Chocolat

Abanico Chocolat, 7, rue Portalis, 75008 Paris

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