Angelina Paris, bûche de Noël 2013

Angelina: Sachertorte-inspired Bûche de Noël

Angelina, the famous Paris tea room on rue de Rivoli renowned for its thick, luscious hot chocolate, is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year.

To mark this event, and in keeping with the tea room’s Austrian heritage, its pastry chefs have created a new Sachertorte-inspired chocolate pastry.

Sachertorte is a famous Viennese pastry invented in 1832 by Franz Sacher.  It is traditionally composed of two layers of chocolate sponge cake separated by a layer of apricot jam. The entire cake is coated with a layer of dark chocolate glaze.

Angelina’s new twist on Sachertorte, named Angeline after the daughter-in law of founder Antoine Rumpelmeyer (1832-1914),  blends chocolate and caramelised pear jelly, smooth dark chocolate mousse, crispy praliné and chocolate cake.

The new pastry is available in different sizes and is also featured as this year’s bûche de Noël.

Angelina Paris, bûche de Noël 2013
Angelina’s bûche de Noël for 2013 is a Sachertorte-inspired chocolate creation.

The tea room, which opened in 1903, is also offering anniversary editions of its famous hot chocolate, artisanal chocolates and teas.

Angelina Paris, Chocolat Africain
One of Angelina’s classic chocolate pastries, “Choc Africain” features chocolate brownie, African pure dark chocolate mousse and bitter dark chocolate cream.

Angelina has seen major expansion in recent years, notably with the opening of new locations in Versailles (Petit Trianon), Musée du Luxembourg, Musée du Louvre and Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Most recently, Angelina opened a boutique on rue du Bac (7th arr.).

There are now also 14 Angelina locations (corners and boutiques) along with two tea rooms in Japan, and plans are in the works to open new locations in the Middle East, in Doha and Dubai, and in China (Beijing).

Angelina, 226, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris and other locations.

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