Petit cake à la rose, from Ladurée

Cake à la Rose for August

Ladurée’s featured anniversary pastry for August is the “Cake à la Rose,” a delicate rose-flavoured cake decorated with fresh rose petals.

Baked in individual portions, it features a golden, buttery crust and a rich and moist interior.

Cake à la Rose” is the 8th in a series of twelve new pastries and desserts unveiled by Ladurée in honour of the company’s 150th anniversary.

The other anniversary desserts launched so far include Bostock Cacao, Mont-Blanc Marron-Cassis, Polonaise au Yuzu, Oeuf Pétal, Petit Pot de Fraise, Mini-Croque and Le Butterfly strawberry macaron.

Petit cake à la rose, from Ladurée

Available at Ladurée stores in Paris and other locations.

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Photo: © Ladurée

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